Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grey twill fabric

What do you do when you've a spare day?  Why, put on 9 metres of warp for a length of fabric for a short coat, of course.  Everyone could get that done in a day couldn't they!  I think my eyes are bigger than my brain but many days more than I thought I cut off the fabric and it will go into the stash while I work on the next orders.  

I did sample and before I cut it off to full it I tried this way of tying on the warp again.  About an inch of tabby weaving, insert a stick and a few more rows of tabby then cut off samples.  I lost (or used) 3.5cm of warp, far less than when tying on or lacing knots.
The fabric has a grey warp in 4 different shades, one a mauvy grey and the weft is black.  The tie up has areas of twill and of tabby giving a bit more structure to the fabric than straight twill would.  If you squint you may see the broken twill forms a chevron which becomes clearer when fulled.  Sett and pics 24 epi.  I emptied 3 cones but have enough of the yarn left to make the same again.  Not exactly a stash buster.


  1. Yummy. You do know Joan wants you in handwoven garments at the Festival.

  2. If I was going it could be a sarong!