Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pirn basket

Meg suggested we have an April Spool's Day by showing what's on our pirns today.  Well mine aren't very exciting.
All but one pirn are for Mecchia shuttles.  Black (top left) wool from grey fabric just finished, navy cotton under it from shibori fabric, purple wool on side delivery bobbin I have no memory of,  the rust cotton falling off the bobbin is for waste thread, the metal bobbin for a Nitsckhe shuttle has linen resist thread for shibori, the green mohair is from the Anawhata blankets just finished, the bright yellow wool is waste and the rust I can't remember but a scarf probably as the shuttle is small and light.  Thought I had a lot more pirns than that though, wonder where they've gone. 

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  1. Hi Again Dianne,
    I left a comment on your post on my blog that I would email you the def dw pdf . . . but, I don't have your email:) So, if you email me at, I will send the pdf. Thanks for the comment, and I LOVE your blankets and the wonderful way they are displayed on the rocky beach!