Friday, May 25, 2012

Injured skein winder

I had 2 skeins out of 8 to wind into cakes when this happened.
What to do?  I remembered my mother used to put two chairs together and unwind from there but
I wanted to use my cake winder and not put extra twist into the yarn by winding a ball first.
 So ...
This reminded of a cat we used to have called Tat.  At that time, maybe 20 years ago, I was knitting a lot of intarsia on the knitting machine and often had 20 or 30 different threads hanging to cakes on the floor.  Without fail, at 5 pm Tat would saunter over and quietly roll in all 20 threads; never failed to get a reaction from me.  It was his way of saying "Dinner time".

The good news is my fix it man, DH, has mended the skein winder with instructions on being more careful with its use and another lecture on the stupid uses chip board is put to and how it should never have been allowed and how it should be solved and ....

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