Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recent walks

 We recently discovered the Golden Cross mine walk.  This track follows around the top of the tailings damn of the old mine.  Incidentally the mine was closed some years back due to the tailing damn moving so now it is monitored and measured frequently.  That water supposedly contains all sorts of undesirable metals and elements, among them arsenic, but there must have been several hundred ducks living on the water.  Strange how ducks know where to go to a protected area during shooting season.  I love the colours in the rock.
 We went to Orokawa Bay (again) recently and of course we struck high tide.  At the very start of the walk at the north end of Waihi Beach the waves were breaking on the cliffs so we had to time it and run like mad from one rock to the next.  I didn't get wet but the emphysema nearly did me in.
 That's Tuhua (Mayor Island) in the background.  The waves were huge and mighty.
And what do you do while DH spends a lot of time getting the right shot, bring out the knitting of course.  There have been several calls for peggy squares to be made into blankets for the people of Christchurch still suffering from the earthquakes.  As I have kilos of loom waste I thought why not, I can make a blanket.  Well, it takes longer than you would think to knit garter stitch squares.  All the knots are on the other side.


  1. Hi Dianne, Thanks for the congratulations and congratulations to you on your upcoming exhibition. I wish I could take a quick jaunt over to see because I love the Tui scarves and am totally intrigued by the S&W threading.
    About the vest - I didn't stabilize because it is unlined and I didn't want to see any interfacing. Also, it is a very simple pattern, so I thought I wouldn't be manipulating the fabric too much. I did have to add seam bindings on the inside because the fabric at the seams unraveled completely. Nice walks by the way!!!

  2. Hi Dianne
    Hope you don't mind but I've put your photo of the bay on my website as it relates to one of my paintings I made there called Clifftop Tree.
    I'm returning to NZ from the UK next January, looking forward to it, lovely place.