Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Puriri blankets

The Puriri tree is a native of New Zealand, found mostly in the upper half of the North Island, and grows to about 20 metres tall often with a trunk diameter of 1.5 metres.  The largish flowers occur in loose clusters of up to 12 blossoms and appear mostly over winter.
Puriri tree flower (from Wikipedia)
Puriri page in workbook
 On one of the pages of my brief I read the phrase "dilute rich burgundy with blood".  It actually said blond but I read it wrong and got the gist of what I had to dye.
Puriri blanket
If you fancy owning one of these blankets - tough!  They've found a new home already.  But you can always let the girls at Pauanesia know and we'll see what happens.

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