Thursday, December 20, 2012

Birthday fun

Well there hasn't been much weaving happening around here.  The star burst snowflake keeps beckoning but preparations for visitors take priority.  Today I made 6 times the recipe for muesli and fruit cake number two as the cookie monster seems to have been visiting.

We did have an unexpected trip to Auckland and were able to take in Jack's second birthday.  They certainly enjoyed the pool fishing for wee plastic fish and would have stayed there all afternoon but there were crafts to do, food to eat and presents to open.
Jack with friends
 And here's Aunty Rinnie coveting Jack's line trimmer.  The guys were very impressed with the lawn mower and the blinking lights.  I heard some scheming so if, in a few weeks, you chance to see a guy with a lawn mower with flashing lights stop and say Hi, I know your mother!.
I did finish a jersey for Pete this afternoon.  Its been wet finished so no pic.  Its so long since I did anything big on the machine that the ribber needles have gone rusty.  One of the joys of living near the sea.

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  1. Oh, boy, I hope they get bathing suits for Christmas. Ben wants to know if next year a chain saw is on the list.