Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Season

This crazy time of year celebrated the world over in one way or another.  Different strokes for different folks!

When our children were little we owned a motor camp for 15 years so Christmas Day was just another working day; still had the toilets and showers to clean, ice creams or baked beans to sell.  People demanding attention.  I remember one year I put a notice on the office door saying back in 30 minutes - having Christmas with my children.  Well when I went back to the office there were 20 people lined up outside.  They couldn't even give me a break on Christmas day so after that it was forget it, just work.  I asked my kids (they're in their 30's) not long ago if they felt deprived by us having to work every holiday and not having attention from us as other kids did.  Oh no Mum, ice creams and moro bars made a good substitute.  My daughter still puts quality controller on her CV.

As the kids got older and had partners and now spouses we were quite happy to take year about with the partners family so long as we saw them sometime within a couple of weeks of Christmas.  Since son and d.i.l. married it has been great to join her family on the alternate years.

Anyway this is my year.  8 adults and a 2 year old for Christmas.  The trees are up, had friends for dinner last night and a trial run of the meal works well, just double everything.  I new where the red and green fabrics are to making bunting and decorations to get in the mood.  Then DH decided it was time to rearrange and paint the office.  Everything has been moved into stair landing, dining area.  To give him his due he is getting on with the job and should be finished by "the Day" but it kind of takes the shine off planning.

Not that I don't have lots to do.

Rata blankets are progressing and need to be finished as soon as possible.  It is the height of the tourist season as well.

I'm Treasurer of a weaving group and someone in their wisdom decided the end of the financial year would be 30 November so I have to have a set of accounts done before "the Day" for accountant daughter to sign off.  And there are two birthdays close to "the Day" but because everyone will be coming here for Christmas we decided not to go to Auckland for grandson's second birthday.

Red mohair awaits, I better get to it.

PS The snowflake warp is still waiting attention but don't dare use white cotton while red mohair fluff is flying around.


  1. I can recall going to the beach on Christmas Day when we lived in Dunedin. It never felt right to me after having lived in the northern hemisphere! I noticed that people in NZ gave cards with snow scenes..

    I worked in retail sales for many years and so sympathize. I had to try and get our Christmas ready and work right up to Christmas eve... then back on the 26th for the returns! You had it even worse!

    Sounds like you have a full plate this year and I wish I could come and lend a hand... I'll do the weaving okay?


  2. Its not really as busy as it sounds but I'm feeling a little hysterical when DH suggests going away for a few days for a photography shoot which means I sit around with knitting or some such! We'll definitely be walking the beach after dinner but its still a little chilly for swimming.
    I agree about the cards. This year I found some totally quintessential NZ eg Santa in a farm paddock getting into trouble jumping an electric fence or the sleigh being held up on the road by an enormous flock of sheep going the same direction!