Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the move again ...

Yes, sneaking away for a five day weekend to the Professional Weavers Network annual get together, this year its near Timaru in the South Island.  You'll hear about it next week.

I have been busy getting a wardrobe ready for a wee granddaughter due to arrive late April (last I heard).  It doesn't look like many garments but every stitch worked with love from GranD.  I did make the stockings on the knitting machine and other garments will knit up in no time on the machine.

My mother left a bag of bits of baby yarn so I've made up a pattern to use them in the yoke of the jackets.
The buttons for this wee cardi have been around since my daughter was a baby.  Everything gets used eventually.

The wee singlet I got for half the half price because of a few holes near the neck.  Don't you just love the little woven patch and lazy daisy I fixed it with.

Don't look too closely at this cotton blanket.  I couldn't count so the horizontal patterns don't match in all areas but I figured baby would puke and poo on them anyway.  I thought I was making receiving blankets (yes there is another one) but they're too big and the cotton isn't soft.  After I joined the strips down the centre I brought them to the boil in a soda ash and teepol solution to remove the dressing but still not soft enough.  Where do you weavers get your soft cotton?  Table cloth maybe.  I could do that some time as the pattern takes 8 shafts and I have 16 I could make a double layer table cloth with floating selvedge.  Hmm ... sometime.

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