Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Starburst snowflake scarves

Late in January I caught the sun awakening on the horizon, interesting because of the smoke haze from the fires in Australia, the other side of the Tasman Ocean.  I can't imagine the horror of being near one of those big blazes.
And now the big reveal of the snowflake twill scarves/ wraps/ table runners.
 Table runner you ask!  I called to see a weaving friend and after our show and tell she insisted on having the black and white piece as a runner for her rather large antique dresser.  Her comment was "Its the most beautiful piece of weaving I've seen".  I have to say it is very striking.
 And the green one.
 Can you tell I'm trying different ways of wearing a scarf?
Last post I showed a piece of shibori when I had just removed the resist threads and said I couldn't show you cause it was put aside for an exhibition in April.  Well a lovely Scot lass saw it and it now has a new home.  I quickly grabbed a photo before it went out the door so excuse the draping.
Note to family:  I need a laptop with a decent photoshop program on it.


  1. Hi Dianne,
    Inspirational work (as usual) The shibori piece is so wonderful. Are the dark borders smart planning or serendipity?

  2. Many thanks. The borders are planned to a thread. Its part of the shibori process.