Saturday, March 9, 2013


This has been a week of form filling and I'm not good at it.  What I want to say never fits with what "they" think I should say.

First it was a nationwide census which usually happens every 4 years but it was delayed due to the Christchurch earth quakes so its been 6 years.  They always ask about smoking.  I admit I'm an ex-smoker.  Had my last puff, well take the age of my daughter plus 9 months, you figure it.  I could never have stopped on my own volition; it was the baby did it I tell you.  Even now if standing near someone smoking I find myself breathing deeply.  Its hard to stop smoking.  But do they ask questions like how many fat laden take away meals did you have this week or when was the last time you moved further than the couch to the fridge.
And the one that really gets me is nationality.  I'm fifth generation New Zealander but my choices are New Zealand European or Other!  Are Canadians or Australians given this European tag or Other in their own country?

Then there were forms for the Creative Fibre fashion parade due in Wellington on Monday.  Size (in cm) got me lost.  Which part do I measure - bust - its dolman sleeve or the body it should fit!  And we won't mention No. of items.  I think I stuffed that up too.

Then I had to file financial statements with the government.  Do you think I could get them attached from a spread sheet to a file to their site, I fiddled for more than an hour.  I was determined.  In the end it took 2 minutes to print them and fill out the form by hand and they can store half a tree for the next seven years.

I guess that's why I can never fill out a planning sheet for weaving projects; I'll just keep doing it my way.


  1. I am sorry to answer here but I refer to an older post. I would like to contact the firm mecchia to hear about their dobby. Please could you anser me:

  2. Thanks for this post Dianne, had a good chuckle.

  3. And if anything would make you want to grab a cigarette it would be a pile of forms! "No, I didn't smoke, BUT I do now!" Kudos for pressing on.