Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just back from Melbourne

I think I now know why I'm constantly under pressure.  It's self inflicted.  If I stayed home more often I could work properly.

Some time ago a friend asked if we'd like to go to his daughter's wedding in Melbourne.  Why not and a chance to hang out in our favourite city so that's where I've been.  Had a wonderful time and came home needing a rest.

The first day we trained to Williamstown to see the Sea Shepherd boats just back from their anti-whaling adventures in the southern ocean, sporting a few scars but a job well done.  One day we took the train to Castlemaine for their arts festival.  We spent some time in the Melbourne Art Gallery and I caught a Dior Yamamoto exhibition and, of course, the wedding was great.
Bridesmaid wrap
Before leaving for Melbourne I worked flat out and both looms were warped with hand dyed yarn thinking I'd be right in to the weaving on return.  Yeah right!  A flu shot put paid to two days; I just slept.  At this point I can report two of three bridesmaid wraps are woven and one blanket is rolled on the cloth beam.
Blanket mohair weft

Next project to be knitted
As you can see I'm working with a lot of red at present.  Every inch of the studio seems to be shouting red, pick me, me next!

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