Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blankets, wrap and jacket

Had a lovely 3 day break in Auckland.  Went up feeling exhausted and returned refreshed, not that I did nothing!  There was cleaning, gardening, cuddling Zoe and playing with Jack, to say nothing of the traumatic incident of losing Chester the cat who had 5 stitches in his jaw and was wearing a cone over his head.  The brat turned up at 5 oclock when his mother got home from work and did he strut up and down the lounge saying I bested you!  No pictures of the grandies; can't take pics while cuddling!

I delivered a great pile of blankets to Pauanesia which will look wonderful in the shop.
 I came home expecting to strip down both looms for new projects but remembered I owed a lady "some weaving" for a couple of stainless reeds she'd given me so a 'Wrap for Yolande" it is.  I ran out of one colour so used some pale blue angora which I didn't expect to show up this much but at least its evenly distributed across the warp.  Hopefully it'll blend more after fulling.  This is echo weave.
 And I had been knitting.  Actually I did quite a bit of this while in Rotorua while Convention attendees were at workshops.  The boottees are Hodge on ravelry.  I dyed them violet and because the yarn is machine washable and I had been told that didn't take the dye so well I put just a little extra powder in the pot.  Oh dear, they'll keep Sophie warm anyway.
Having been zooming through photos to get these images I've been smitten by this again and might just put on a length of fabric before stripping the loom.  I best hurry!


  1. Hi Dianne,

    I put all protein fiber (wool, camel, silk, alpaca, etc.)that I buy into the freezer for a week, then take it out of the freezer for a couple of days, then back into the freezer and I repeat this process a few times. This makes sure that no moth larvae have arrived with the yarn! The alternate freeze/thaw ensures that any eggs will hatch and then I kill them too! I didn't see any problems when the yarn arrived, but since it came from India, better safe than sorry!

    On another tack, I lived in Rotorua for a few years in the 80's, we lived in Lynmore...small world isn't it?

  2. 2 degrees of separation! At the conference I had a lady on one side who I was at school with and on the other a lady with a holiday home next door to my friend.

    Now I understand the freezer business. I thought it was something like I freeze woven linen and then iron it several times to help soften it.

    I've just been using some yarn I got from a lady who has given up weaving and I didn't realise how many munched threads there were, even when I rewound it there were still some in the warp. Is it worth it?