Monday, August 12, 2013


What a strange climate we have.  While walking and driving recently I noticed some trees haven't completely shed their autumn leaves and yet gardens are awash with spring bulbs in flower, the blossom trees are in bloom as are the tulip trees.  And today is cold and wet!

Blankets have been woven in the last couple of weeks, one for my daughter who is allergic to wool so I emptied quite a few cones of manmade fibres in burgundy/wine shades.  Its pretty large as it didn't shrink, being of non wool variety.  It'll be great to snuggle up in on autumn or spring evenings.

And a couple of blankets in bordeaux/deep purple shades for Pauanesia.  They look super rich.  To get the purple to dye the mohair weft I mixed Jacquard purple with Landscape wild raspberry 3 parts to 2.

I'm off to see my grandies for a few days.  Have new projects planned for both looms when I return.


  1. Oh, no! You have spring bulbs up already?
    That's the death knell for our summer then...

    Enjoy the kiddies....
    Our grandson is coming in two weeks time to visit here. His first visit since finding his feet.
    And we're scared half to death of the tornado that is about to hit our house!

    :) Susan

  2. Hope you survived the tornado unscathed. We've had the mildest winter for years so hope the same happens up north.
    Enjoy your grandson, he'll keep you fit now.