Monday, December 16, 2013

New blogs

So I got up this glorious summer morning thinking I was Super Woman
1.  Write Christmas cards  (didn't get this done last year)
2.  Make Christmas cake  (fruit is soaking - that's a start)
3.  Weave table runner  (to match mats already woven)
4.  Tie on blanket warp  (notice I didn't think I could weave them as well)
5.  Wind scarf warp  (lovely new merino to try)
6.  Wind wrap warp  (then I can dismantle reel and store it)
7.  Lose 10 kg  (see 2. above)

The following are links to two friends new-ish blogs and Alison's web site.  Do make a cup of coffee and take time out to read them and become followers.

Edit:  Its 8.30pm and I'm stopping for the day.  
The cake has been declared a success by the cookie monster aka Mr Loomtalk.
25 cm to go on runner.
Tie on for blanket started.
Both warps wound, reel away ...and ... floor vacuumed.
OK I sampled the cake as well.
And three different visitors and a longish phone call!


  1. And people think that stay at home weavers have a cruisy life. Look I've figure out how to join in and comment! This woman is making technological strides this year!

  2. Nice to hear from you. Must admit I have cruised this morning but now to the grind stone!