Friday, September 12, 2014

Hot pink Zoe jumper

On our way to Australia we had an appointment with our grandies, just half an hour between getting home from creche and bed time.
I delivered the latest jumper to Zoe.  An old Burda pattern, like 33 years old, which I simplified as I went along.  Omitted the lace from the back but really like the cables anyway.  Also omitted lace and cables from sleeves and after it was all stitched up I noticed I had attached the sleeves stocking stitch side out instead of the intended reverse stocking stitch.

Way too big for Zoe so rolled the sleeves up but the weight of the roll up pulled the sleeve further down so Zoe flapped her arm to find her hand and the sleeve came further down.  Cute to watch but frustrating for her!  Guess it can go away until she's about 3.

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