Monday, September 1, 2014

Radio silence

Sorry about the radio silence;  we've been away, supposedly to find warmth and sunshine but we were up to our usual tricks and broke the Queensland drought, on the coast anyway.
 The Glass House Mountains as seen from Bribie Island, so named as they reminded Captain Cook of glass furnaces as used in Britain at the time.  Note the stormy sky!
 Pelican on Noosa river.  There were very few pelicans around as they had all gone to Lake Eyre in South Australia to make babies.  Lake Eyre is usually a dry lake that fills at 3 to 10 year intervals so my question is how does a pelican from 2,000 kms away know there is water in the lake?
 Noosa River
 Lace backed monitor lizard seen when we took a boat trip up the Noosa river to the Everglades.
A rather wet kookaburra trying to dry on the wet fence.
No fibre to show, what with damaged leg (still healing) and a cold which has left me with what folks are calling the 48 day cough and the rain I didn't even get near the shops but it was a good break and now looking forward to sitting at the looms.
Of course, it seems we missed some super sunny days at home and its now cold and stormy as seen from my kitchen window, the surf is really wild.


  1. Happy to see your post today. I really, really hope that the 48 day cough doesn't head north to visit us this winter! I love the view from your different from when we visited in March!

    1. Surf a lot calmer today. Don't know if its spring or the rain or having been in Australia but the colours are so vivid.
      (If you hear of someone with a cold stay away from them - even if they say they're not contagious - don't believe them!)

  2. Hi Dianne, this is a reply to the question about linen you posted; although I've never tried to dye linen, it is a baste fibre like cotton, so it should work. I wouldn't be surprised if you had to soak the fibre for a long time to get it really, really wet; but ProcionMX can be used to dye straw for basket weaving, so linen shouldn't be a problem. If you have any trouble finding the Procion in NZ, email me and I'll send you the names of some places that should mail to you.

    1. I was thinking more of the tangled mess I might get into. I do have some ProcionMX dyes thanks. One day there will be enough time!