Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Speaker cloth

I'll just sneak in with this one before the end of the year. 
5.2 metres of cloth for son in laws speakers.  
Its not all for him unless there are mistakes made! 
Black is linen plied with an unknown manmade fibre.  
Sand is 3 threads of 20/2 cotton from DEA yarns.
Draft from 8 shaft patterns (Strickler) book, pattern no. 715, 
because that is what was on the unit its replacing.
"Just what he wanted" was the verdict.
This evening is New Year Eve which is shaping up to be windy and wet.  I've moaned quite a bit about the weather recently, apparently with good cause.  Our summer is 6 weeks (6 weeks) late arriving so not here yet!
Enjoy your celebrations
and all the best wishes for 2015.

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