Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's on the looms 1.1.15

That's easy - nothing!
Except for the old warp ready for tying on on the blanket loom
and the pile of crap important stuff for filing on the table loom.

But there are plans for the Mecchia.
Multi brights hand dyed merino for scarves or wrap
and, if that works, I can tie on this cashmere. 
Now to crunch numbers and wind warp chains.

If you'd like to see other blog posts on this subject follow on Meg's Loomsday page.


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  2. That merino is GORGEOUS! Will have to come back to see it woven.

  3. Yummy colors. Our pohutukawa is "done" for the year and now it's like the bees' food court. Is yours??

  4. Pohutukawa flowers don't get a chance to last long. By the time we got back from Auckland most of the flowers were mangled - presumably by the weather.

  5. Ours were most definitely birds and bees. Voracious lot.