Friday, June 5, 2015

Textured scarves

Sorry about the silence in blog land recently.  
We had a 4 day trip to Auckland where Peter is helping our daughter and son in law with a renovation. Instead of working on the 2 knitting projects I took with me, I became the builders lacky apprentice and scrambled up and down ladders, held timber, quoted the ruler, wielded  a hammer and removed nails with a crow bar.  Got home in time to make the beds for the other half of my family who just happened to have 2 birthdays to celebrate.  Can't believe Zoe is 2.

In weaving land I've been working on a big project which will be secret until about August but it involves approximately 46 metres of fabric.  I'm now over halfway so think I'll take a break and weave some blankets for a change.

Last month I had 2 days back to back working at The Cargo Shed so thought I'd take my table loom in.  Goodness me, it still had the warp from Stacey Harvey Brown's Dimensional Weaving workshop last year.  I got out the notes and decided to weave off a few more samples and while doing that I realised I could use the same warp to highlight some of my fancy textured yarns.  Basically shafts 1 and 2 are tabby and shafts 3 and 4 have the fancy yarns.  Couldn't be simpler but very effective.
 black with textured yarn

Mahogany scarf.

I have also realised I can use the threads on shafts 3 and 4 as shibori pull up threads so that will be a project for the future.

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  1. That weaving brain of yours just never sleeps does it. Always seeing the possibilities, even when working on a table loom, which so enrages me that I just want to weave the thing off as quickly as possible - no clever thoughts at all.