Monday, June 22, 2015

This week

The secret project was progressing well until I ran out of yarn.
Will pick more up on Thursday when I go to the Cambridge Exhibition and trade day.
 In the meantime I am still playing on the table loom.  This shibori sample uses the same threading as was used for these scarves.  The bottom part of the sample uses one thread for weft and where the end sticks out the left side I changed to a double thread giving wider stripes.  I tried and tested various yarns I have to hand by draping bits around my neck, smooching under chin etc and thought this merino/mohair blend would be OK but N O.  Once woven in the sample it was obvious it couldn't be worn as a scarf so off the loom it came.
 Warps have been wound in lovely fine yarn from Anna Gratton but thought I'd weave a few more striped scarves before closing up the sett.

I took this image for colour inspiration, its a flower from a bromeliad but if you enlarge it you'll see a sharp barb on each of the florets - nasty thing, it got me several times!

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