Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Its not easy being green!

About 12 months ago I bought the first of these slivers from fibre2go at the Thames spin in.  I think I'm correct in saying the two on the left are both called Gone Bush.  The difference in colour is created by the different fibres in the sliver.  The far left skein is 100% merino, the second to left is 30% baby alpaca with 50% merino and 20% silk.  I decided they would be too dull together so at the next event I went to which was Creative Fibre Festival in Rotorua I went home with the multi-coloured rolag carded by Lyn from merino, alpaca, silk.  Not being a glitter type person I spent some time picking off the shiny bits (warning: it goes everywhere, found some in my bed last night) and thought this would be perfect with a few shots of orange until ...
 I opened up the rolag and found - fire.  
Took me weeks mulling over how to spin it and eventually decided to split the rolag lengthwise into 4 strips but realised that didn't achieve the separation of colour I wanted for highlights.  I broke a length off one strip and folded it in half to spin from the fold but that was still producing mud.  So then I took the length and pulled it outwards from the centre so that green was on green and the bright colours on themselves and spun from the fold a finer single than I had for the previous two skeins as I wanted to Navajo ply.  Would be easier to show than tell what I did.
Still not satisfied I then took home Spring Greens sliver, again alpaca, merino, silk combination, from the Cambridge open day.  I can't tell you what a pleasure it was spinning these fibres and how devinely gorgeous they feel.

Now what do I make from them?  Any suggestions?
I had thought of Color Craving by Stephen West but I've probably got enough yarn for two or three Cravings!

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