Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kereru scarves

Kereru or New Zealand Pigeon or Wood Pigeon
grows to about 50cm and reaches a weight of 650 gms.
The head, throat and wings are generally a shiny green/purple colour with a bronze tinge to the feather tips.  The breast is white.
 Kereru primarily eat fruit from native trees especially karaka and taraire and they are the only bird big enough to disperse the seeds from bigger fruit throughout the forest.  They also browse on leaves and nuts.
Introduced mammals such as possum and rats have significantly reduced the amount of fruit available and these migrants also eat the eggs and nestlings.
The kereru has been under total protection since 1921.
 Warp, looking down on back beam

Three different grey wefts, dark, medium, and light on these reversible scarves, part of the Plumage series for Pauanesia
Woven in false damask, 2 blocks of 4 shafts each, all hand dyed.

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