Sunday, November 8, 2015

Clean up has begun

OK I'm untidy.  Always have been and can't see it changing any time soon.  But it had got to an untenable state so I had to make a start.

While decluttering the bookcase I found a quote by Mirka Mora I'd written out.
"I think clutter is the thread of my memory to have its own continuity through familiar objects."  Hmmm!
I needed to get the warping reel out to wind more warps and new I couldn't do that if the floor was covered in boxes so this afternoon I pulled all the banana boxes of "stuff" into the centre of the studio and, so far 8 have become 4 with a lot of throwing out.  Just as well as there are more in the passage way.
And we won't mention the guest bed (or the bath) yet!  Have a guest staying next week so better get on with it.

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