Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tea towels

 Before the trip I threaded my loom with a cotton warp in 2:1 block twill for tea towels to be stock for the Cargo Shed Fibre Gallery.  I so enjoyed being back at the loom weaving these. 
Even tied another warp on and wove it off
then I put all 8 towels in the tub to soak and

And they were so pretty.
I think I've rescued 2 olive ones.
I tried laundry detergent, Friend, Orvis soap.  
If I'd wanted to dye them the colour wouldn't have taken!

Anyone got any suggestions before I iron them and put them in my cupboard.

Not to be beaten I put another warp on. 
Do you recognise these colours Lynette?  
Its taken a while for them to speak to me!


  1. Hi Dianne, how awful after all your hard work and they did look very pretty. Have you tried anything like the Dylon colour run remover? I just checked as I thought there was a packet in the back of the laundry cupboard. I used it after I washed a very nice piece of 'vintage' Swiss cotton which has been maturing in the stash for years and the colour from the darker areas transferred onto the lighter areas where they were next to each other while it was drying. It worked and I am still wearing the dress. Could be worth a try. And as I say when I discover a weaving mistake in a tea towel and move it from the for sale pile to the home tea towel drawer, it doesn't affect the drying qualities. Helen

    1. Thanks Helen. Will try for the Dylon product in the local village but might have to wait for a city trip.

  2. What an shame! The are so beautiful. I wish I could say it hasn't happened to me, but it has! I feel your pain!

  3. I don't have any after-the-fact suggestions, but I ALWAYS use a Color Catcher sheet in the washer when I'm wet finishing my handwovens. Never had a problem since I started using them.

    Next time....

  4. I have tried the Dylon run remover to no avail. Lots of orange colour in the water but the runs are still there. Enough time spent on these, on to the next project.