Thursday, June 2, 2016

Congratulations Pauanesia

Pauanesia, a boutique store in High Street, Auckland, celebrates what is unique about our country with a unique line of goods inspired by the coast, native bush, our stories and the spirit of New Zealand.  

This year Pauanesia turns 21 and to help celebrate it has been my privilege to design 21 scarves telling the story of our wonderful country in one day. 

The series has been woven with lambswool merino in a 5 end extended threading.  The feature is the hand dyed yarn so although each scarf has a unique treadling it is the colour which tells the story.

Lets start with Night and Day:

The second part of the brief was Dawn to Dusk.
Sunrise just east of Tuhua Island, my view most mornings.
 Dawn brief

 Sunset brief

Congratulations to Heather, Nigel and Staff and thank you for being so supportive of us artists.


  1. Happy birthday to them, and good on you, Dianne. And I like your "square" for showing scarves. Simple but effective!

    1. Hi Meg, The square is made from plumbing pipe and fittings. A length of dowel in the black tube holds it straight.