Friday, June 10, 2016

Starburst Shawl

I while back, like in 2013, I had a little play with Snowflake Twill by way of the Starburst pattern which first appeared in Weavers magazine, Issue 13, 1991.  The article has been reprinted in the book "The Best of Weavers Twill Thrills".
Recently Sophie asked me to share the draft:
Hi Dianne, may I ask you to share that beautiful Starburst weaving draft? A friend of mine found your post, and we both loved the Starburst! And now we want to weave it :-) 

This pink picture is as seen in the book Twill Thrills
and below is my interpretation showing quite a difference in the star but still recognisable as Starburst to the point I feel copyright would apply.  What do you think?
This is an 8 shaft draft plus I used an extra 4 shafts for a basket weave selvedge.

Snowflake drafts are formed by combining various twills.  They include an area of advancing twill, usually reversing in the middle but in this draft the advancing twill does not reverse and the runs are lengthened to widen the rays.  Areas of point and straight twill are used along with some satin.
"Twill Thrills" includes a very good article on composing Snowflake drafts and would recommend the acquisition of the book.

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