Monday, November 21, 2016

Using up Thrums

Well that was a surprise, I went looking for the post on this blue thrums blanket and found it was still a draft from . August . last . year.  I remember I loaded the picture so I could post while on holiday in Italy.  Guess the trip was so special I never gave you all a thought.
Those who have followed my blog for a while know I weave a lot of blankets from hand dyed yarn.  I tie one warp on to the next and end up with a lot of short pieces of thread knotted together.  I don't like to throw them away.  I live 20 minutes from the nearest village, 50 minutes from the nearest city so thats a lot of knitting time when I'm a passenger.  Garter stitch is the choice so I can watch the road and inform the driver if his skills need attention.  Its also a good pick up job late at night in front of the box.

This one is based on a pattern by Frankie Brown and not only are the blue bands and the border thrums, the white areas are all different yarns left over from projects so a win win.

I tried various ways of joining the squares and ended up crocheting them together on the thrums side.  Have to say that wasn't easy and took forever.

 This blanket would be big enough to use on a single bed.  Very snuggly.

 And there has been weaving happening.  A glorious sunny but breezy day, perfect for drying the sixth series of Anawhata blankets soon to be on display at the best New Zealand gift store, Pauanesia
And, of course, there are thrums left!

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