Thursday, November 3, 2016

Weaving again

Yes, I'm weaving again, albeit slowly.  When I feel the sciatic nerve start to twinge I have to stop and rest it for a bit.

These Rata blankets in lipstick shades have been delivered to Pauanesia but may not appear in the shop till nearer Christmas which, I'm horrified to hear, is pretty close.

 Vogue tells us that thick chunky long scarves are the thing this winter so a couple with a navy blue base and lots of textural threads to warm someone's neck in the chill.

A couple of baby blankets off the blanket loom, the colour threads are Zephyr merino silk and they glow.  For some odd reason the pale pink shrank a lot more than the other threads in the fulling process.  I got panicky thinking the project was a right off but then they all evened out with pressing.  
Sett 14 tpi with the threads double. 

On the compu dobby loom at present a cotton warp (and weft) to trial a new threading before tying on a special project. 
And that is about it.  I'm still attending physio and horrified to have 3 or 6 months to heal mentioned!

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