Friday, December 30, 2016

Tauranga Blankets

The Tuesday before Christmas I finally delivered the last blanket and was caught up with orders from before the leg episode (which still isn't normal I might say).
Above is one with blue warps and the weft shaded from bottle green at one end to light olive at the other and Inspirit Gallery is displaying this one titled Orokawa Bay.
Number 2 with dark blue weft mohair over blue warp went to Sue who was the original commissionee.  I thought it suited her lounge furniture admirably.
And the third blanket with a slightly greenier mohair weft titled "Tauranga" went to Pauanesia.

This gorgeous bunch of lilies was delivered to me from a friend's garden on Christmas Day.
We have had a lovely time catching up with all our family even though d.i.l. pulled the short straw again and worked the night of Christmas day.
Even though its late I do wish everyone happiness and joy
and all the best for wonderful adventures in 2017.

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