Sunday, January 1, 2017

Knitted Gifts

Some time ago we were going out and Pete announced he didn't have a jersy to wear.  Well buy one, I said!  They don't fit like the ones you make me.  Grrr.  Anyone who knows Pete will be aware he has kyphosis of the back.  See how the front is shorter than the back of the jumper.  If I don't put short rows in the back it rises up and sticks out, hence the fit I can do.  He'll be happy as a sandboy come autumn.

When in Sienna last year I found some sock yarn that fell into my suitcase (wish I'd got more at the price it was).  Maybe my daughter in law would like a pair of handknit socks.  I chose the pattern "Achilles HeAL" from Knitty magazine Winter 2011 as I thought the stitch pattern would show off the varigations in the yarn so I knitted and knitted and knitted and ....!
D in L is tall so figured her feet would be longer than mine so measured Peter's just for an idea.  This is a different style of sock construction as you work the top then the instep, putting some stitches on hold to come back for the heel.  After the instep it says to continue until sock measures 2" shorter than foot.  Obviously NO, but I'm not a sock knitter, can follow the pattern religiously though.  Then I did the inset heal which took forever I might say.  Oh!  I should have measured from the back of the heel but that's not how the pattern instructions are laid out; the joys of a novice.  Sock number 2 is done all but the toe then I'll go back to this gem.

I have been spinning; just a handful each time I stop for coffee and the bobbin is filling up.  These gorgeous autumn colours remind me so much of Australia and so cleverly put together.  See how the top of the sliver changes from gold to red, the centre part from brown to yellows and the bottom rust to greys.  It makes spinning so much fun.  The sliver was Ann Nevins' and I figured it had to come from across the ditch.  I wasn't familiar with First Addition Fibres and Yarns but sure enough its in Melbourne, Australia.

I had the opportunity to buy some fine Japanese cotton yarn so 16 kilos arrived through the Christmas mail delivery time.
40/2 and 60/2 is a bit dawnting to me but this will be my challenge for the next year.
I was hanging out the washing and thought my pillow slips looked a bit tired and a light bulb went off, I could weave some!  So another order went in for 4 more kilos.  I remember reading somewhere that it was said once you've slept on handwoven slips you'll never go back to bought ones.  What have I done?
On that note I wish you,
all my readers,
many happy adventures in

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