Monday, February 6, 2017


Over the past few months, way too many months actually, I've been working on some wall art.  I have done more samples for this project than I ever thought possible.  Some were necessary, some to use up warp.  But finally the commission is finished and delivered.  Here it is hanging in a shaded corner of my lounge.
The yarn is hand dyed Romney, 4 ply in the navy and turquoise warp and 2 ply light blue and chartreuse in the weft.
The warp is threaded in a networked line with an 8 shaft echo woven 4 colour double weave.  The treadling has five changes starting at the top with five end advancing and finishing with one end advance or straight draw.  Two end advance is basket weave which, in the hanging, gives nice texture.
At the same time I had seven changes going on in the tie up starting with 1:7, 2:6, 3:5 etc finishing with 7:1.  Quite a mind game keeping all this going and finding the correct place in the treadling to keep the waves flowing.
I look forward to seeing it in its new home soon.

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