Friday, January 20, 2017

2016 in Review

This review of 2016 is rather late but here goes.
2016 started with creation of stock for the Cargo Shed.
This machine knit poncho disappeared quite fast.
Scarves were also needed for stock.
Always working on blankets, this one reflects Lake Tekapo.
Professional Weavers Network had been planning an exhibition titled "Cloak" for about 3 years but guess who left her entry till the last few months.  I was thrilled with my concept titled "Enchanted Forest".
Also included two hangings in "Cloak"
and "Tui".
Another style of poncho made with a weaving stitch on the knitting machine.
I partook of a workshop tutored by Rene Corder-Evans using "Magic Fibres" to make very textural fabrics.
Again I was asked to weave a series of scarves for Pauanesia, this time with the theme Dawn to Dusk, Night and Day.  I had a lovely play with colour.
There was a little spinning and knitting of this Pfeilraupe scarf.
Tauranga Guild had an exhibition so I wove "Astrolabe Reef"
and a fun shibori number.
Also entered this wool/angora blanket reflecting the beach dunes.
Jenny waited way too long for her Kereru kingsize blanket but loved it when they met up.

To make some headway into my yarn stash I wove several lengths of fabric for ruanas but then the Cargo Shed closed so I lost interest  added them to the fabric stash!
Blankets for Pauanesia continue to be woven, I think 18 this year.
Finally finished this jumper for my daughter
and grand daughter really rocked this tunic.
About August I gave myself sciatic nerve trouble and was totally off the loom for 6 weeks and then a very slow recovery.
Te Henga blankets.
Rata blankets.
More stash busting scarves.
A change of pace for me led me to a series of baby blankets instigated by a commission.
This one of Zephyr silk/merino.  
A blanket for a single bed knitted from thrums
and more woven blankets.
And to finish the year a jumper machine knitted for DH.
Its now 3 weeks into 2017 and I'm finally caught up on orders, commissions and exhibition work for 2016.
Now looking forward to new adventures this year.


  1. Beautiful items. I enjoy looking through your years work. You should be very proud of yourself.

  2. All your work is stunning, but I am particularly admiring of the cloak and ponchos - really striking designs and luscious colours! I feel a bit breathless now, taking all that in at one go :-D

  3. Wow, wunderschöne Arbeiten