Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wild geranium scarf

 Shibori on the loom with resist threads.

 The shibori "snake", resist threads pulled very tight and ready for a visit to the dye house (aka my laundry).
Wild geranium.
When my Mum did pottery she said she could control everything about the pot until it went into the kiln then she had to learn to like what came out.  Its much the same with shibori; until I pull those resist threads out I don't really know what I'll get.


  1. What do you use as your resist thread, Dianne, if you don't mind my asking. Also thanks for the NGV info; we had a fabulous time in Melbourne.

    1. Sorry I'm slow answering Meg. I use a very strong polyester thread that was given to me from a friend who got it from a friend ... No one new what to use it for so it was passed around. But most sewing outlets have a polyester upholstery thread on a reel for about $3.50 (don't quote me on that) or an upholstery shop might be able to help. It has to be strong enough to not break under very strong tension. (I've been allowed to play with Ps camera and the last scarf shot is the result.