Monday, July 31, 2017

Its been over a month ...

I can't believe its been more than a month since I posted on "blog".  
There has been quite a lot happening so hope we can catch up.

I had a request from a lass in London to replace a much loved blanket which her flatmate had kindly washed ..... in the machine and dryer.  All my blankets are hand wash or at the most a short run on wool wash.  The mate to this has gone to the States so I've gone international.

Over the years I've been seduced into buying velour (or chenille ) yarn and never had any success with it.  Knit, crochet or weave, it always wormed into ugly loops.  I was going to give it away and realised I was just giving the problem to someone else.

Just to sidetrack a bit, Bay of Plenty has many groups of Creative Fibre (Spinners and Weavers) but mostly not enough people interested in each group to have a special subgroup for weavers so it was decided to start a weavers' group for the whole BoP to meet once a month centrally at the Mount.  First meeting I was able to go to was talking about tabby, or plain weave.  The penny dropped and I realised tabby is ideal for velour and I had an article for show and tell.
I've also been having a play with deflected double weave - more on that in another post.
And another series of blankets are on their way to Pauanesia.  I don't usually have so little warp left.  I had to bring the knots in front of the reed to get enough for 15cm of fringe and to put a cross in (2 rows of tabby) ready to tie on the next warp.
More later, the loom is calling.


  1. You have so much on the go Diane, and all of it lovely! We are under a blanket of smoke from the fires on the mainland, so I too am at the loom. It's too smokey outside to enjoy the summer garden, so weaving I shall be.

    1. Have been thinking of you the last few days. The mess of boxes and piles of yarn finally got the better of me and I've been sorting. A long way to go yet!
      A couple of years ago on the way to Italy we had a stop off in Kuala Lumpar and the smoke from fires in Indonesia made it awful exploring the streets.