Saturday, August 5, 2017

Silver fern shibori scarf

Having woven a scarf length, pulled the resist threads for shibori, soaked and painted the dye on the "snake" and steamed it then waited overnight for it to dry on top of the hot water cylinder its time to see if my idea actually worked.

I tentatively cut the knots and pull a few of the threads out.  Silver side showing, looks ok.

Flip it over to see the chatreuse side, oh yes, I'm happy.

Close up of grey side.

And ready to go.

Merino yarn with some "cornsilk" in the weft which will hold the texture when washed.


  1. Just beautiful Diane, the colours are stunning.

  2. That's beautiful. What is the cornsilk you use to hold the patterning?

    1. Hi Tobie, The cornsilk is mixed with the merino wool to make the thread. Its one of the manmade fibres like rayon but made from corn.

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