Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Silk Linen Wraps

I had a desire to weave some wraps with a silk/linen thread, something very light and cool to keep the sun off during the day or to wrap around the shoulders of an evening.
I had photographed a friends table cloth some time ago as a colour reference and thought it would give fresh inspiration for a painted warp.
I think there are six colours in the painted chain and I remembered to treat the white chain in a similar fashion in case of shrinkage.  I have to say the warp was the biggest pain to roll on the loom.  The wee linen patches grabbed hold of the threads next door and would not let go.  I was very close to binning the warp, but for the silk I would have.  Surprisingly it was a dream to weave once I got going.

I'm still using the same parallel threading as for the Ravenna table runner talked about back here.
This is woven echo weave with a violet 40/2 cotton weft.

Close up of the opposite side.

A quick change of tie up and treadling and we're weaving turned taquete with a pale blue 40/2 cotton weft.
Actually it wasn't so quick to get started as the treadling starts as a straight draw then goes through 6 changes to end with a wide image of the design line.
It drapes beautifully as a scarf.

 Both these wraps are available at Waihi Beach Gallery.


  1. Beautiful wraps. You must be having the same weather as we're having in Melbourne. I just finished the 20/2 cotton warp closely followed by you guessed it - silk and linen. Planning a lot of weaving this coming holiday weekend but my new box of yarn seems to be having a holiday in Auckland airport

    1. Who are you buying yarn from in NZ?

  2. I'm buying yarn from Yarn Barn of Kansas - so far it's been to Kansas City, Chicago (where it should have picked up a flight to LA or Fort Worth and a direct flight to Melbourne) but no, it went to Houston, then Auckland and although it is in now in Melbourne, it is somewhere between customs and the post office which I just visited without any success. So my yarn is in town but tomorrow is a public holiday and I won't get it now til Monday. I'm sure you understand my pain

  3. I do, I feel the pain! So close but so far! Hope you can figure an alternative to keep busy.
    We aren't used to 32 degree days with I reckon 100% humidity. Was sitting at the loom this afternoon with sweat dripping off my chin (not a pretty picture I know). Now getting a sea breeze so cooling down.

  4. I have a horrible feeling that the alternative to a nice new long warp is 'finishing', don't we all love that!

  5. Dianne these are simply stunning! I always find that linen can get quite 'bridgy' and every one of the warps I have binned have been linen. I'm so pleased that you persevered and I'm sure your buyers will be too.