Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Welcome 2018

Extraordinary isn't it, 3 weeks into the new year already.  Doesn't seem so long since we were all worried about the new millennium and computers were going to crash and the world fall apart.  Time just flies.

These two weren't even a twinkle then.  They came to stay for 5 nights while Mum was working, protecting the country at the airport.  Most mornings we went swimming or boogie boarding then found something else to do in the afternoon like rock fosicking or in this case making a bracelet for Mum.  Two hours of pure concentration.

 After they went home we had to stock up on food and I discovered Countdown had plums for $2 per kilo so a plum sauce factory started.

 Back on 31 May 2016 I posted about a workshop tutored by Rene Corder Evans called Magic Yarns.  My table loom has been patiently waiting since then to have a few more samples woven of yarns I had at home.  Its time came, mainly because Rene is tutoring another workshop and the loom needed emptying.  So Sample 1 using elasticated merino, 3/1 1/3 stripes and blocks giving plenty of room for movement.
Result - nothing happened.  Well the weft did shrink closing up the warp threads but no furrowing in the stripes as I had expected.
 The other two cops I have are very over twisted, one a linen mix and the second with nubbles a cotton.
 Look how that's curling already.  No good for place mats or tea towels I thought.
 The nubbles look pretty but when all cut apart they curl every which way.
 Wet bath, first a soak in coldish water and nothing much happened so into very hot bath with dish liquid.
 The linen thread is sitting on a bias but rolling has stopped but I can't see a use for it.  It is scatchy.  I thought the bubble cotton would bias too but it hasn't.
 And something pretty to finish with.  A silk rayon wrap dyed with Dupont Alter-Ego dyes. 
 This might not seem a big deal unless you realise I get quite hysterical just at the thought of using cold water procion dyes.  Almost to panic attack state.  But I did it. 

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