Saturday, March 31, 2018

Denim blue wrap

The many faces of this possum merino silk wrap.  Woven as turned taquete with a navy and taupe warp sett at 36 epi and a blue silk weft.
It can be worn with the buttoned edge down the shoulder as a poncho style garment

or with the buttons down the front.
Note how the lines increase in size to the centre back then deminish again.

Undo the buttons and it is lovely as a conventional wrap

or as a pull through scarf

or regular scarf.

My favourite style with draping on the shoulder.
Wrap available from Waihi Beach Gallery.


  1. What a fantastically versatile shawl and utterly lovely to boot!

    1. Thank you Lynette. I should have told the hidden story. After buying the $5 worth of buttons I backed into a low block wall and did $1,000 of damage to the car! Woh is me!

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