Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Navy teal possum wrap

The wheels of weaving wind slowly.  (And blogging even slower!)
I posted this picture on facebook weeks ago and got great reaction but have been very slow to tell you about it.
Slow partly because I couldn't figure out how to finish the ends.  The warp is alternating threads of navy and taupe and the weft a teal.  The tassels just didn't look right.  Took me ages to figure out I could add a thread or two of teal to the fringe and that pulled the wrap together.  The tassels now look like they belong.  I can tell you it took ages to undo the navy taupe tassels.
The fibre is possum merino silk and look at the twist in the untasseled threads; makes me want to try some shibori as it would hold the texture.
Wrap woven as an echo weave.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm a new weaver and working my way through different twill drafts, haven't tried echo weave yet, looking forward to it! Any tips or tricks?