Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whats on the looms

Meg suggested we show whats on our looms on New Years Day.  I'm a bit late, as usual, but did photograph  my Bambina yesterday.

Not that I'm going to say much as its an exhibition piece.  Its double weave, clear monofilament thead of unknown origin and the knitting needles mark a slot just big enough for the hanging rod.
My other ladies are naked!


  1. It's been so hot down here, most of mine have been naked, too. I've never heard of Bambina - is that the manufacturer or brand or did you just name it that??

    "Unknown origin" - I've got loads of those, too, but not clear monofilament. Your stash sounds more interesting!!

    And the Google mystery wood this morning is"reedbaa"!

    Happy New Year, Dianne. And best of luck to you with the exhibition piece.

  2. Ah..Bambina is the Mecchia dobby 32" weaving width - the baby of the range.
    A very happy 2010 to you, Meg, filled with the good things of life, and lots and lots of weaving.

  3. I happened across your blog and enjoyed my visit!
    (I used to live in Dunedin many years ago... and attended Otago Girls High School..but back in Canada now)

    Enjoy your summer while you can... we'll be wanting it back !


  4. Hmm clear monofilament thread, so it's naked but it's not!
    Lovely loom and Happy New Years. Meg really did come up with a fun idea.