Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last Sunday, a glorious hot, non-windy summers day, I had a stand at the Whiritoa market, held each year to raise funds for the "first response" unit.  I didn't sell a thing, not even close.  I new it was a gamble as most of my work is wool though I do have a few cotton wraps and scarves. 
So I have made the decision - no more outdoor markets - which means I don't have to purchase a pergola.
I am booked at the Whangamata market at the end of January but indoors.  Its still a bit early for woollen sales but this market is held each long weekend and if you don't attend you lose your prime spot.  My space is next to my friend with her jewelery and we help each other and natter.
Other fibrey news, well I've had a lovely visit from my daughter this week and she helped me go through my wardrobe as I was complaining it was full of clothes but I had nothing to wear.  We put all the winter things,    and a few garments I hope to shrink into soon, to one side and then had two piles; what I can wear and "Sallies" (thats the Salvation Army).  Next morning I still couldn't find anything to wear!  Seems I badly need beach clothes so now I know what has to be made or bought.   I better get to it!


  1. Around Nelson, market holders seem to do well if they sell trinkets under $20 for the most part. Galleries tell me wool is not the issue as Northern visitors flock to them. Overall, though, I hear weavers do much worse than you've experienced in markets, so perhaps we're not market friendly, or we weave little things, like dish towels, for $10 a piece?

    Congratulations on your license to shop!

  2. I did very well at the Whiritoa market last year but people were just wondering, looking for people to natter to rather than what the stalls had on offer. Recession finally hitting maybe? Anyway I had lunch with Esther afterwards and then went in to Whangamata to meet with my boss from Pauanesia so it wasn't a wasted day.