Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weaving and Knitting

First I should explain that the Professional Weavers Network (mentioned in the last post) is a small stand alone group of weavers in New Zealand who hold a seminar once a year usually alternating between the North Island and the South.  Much of the discussion at seminar is on exhibitions, either past or the next deciding what, when, how and where.  The exhibition is held every two or three years.  We also have very inspiring guest speakers and tutors.  The basic aim of the Network is "to further develop the art of weaving through pursuit of excellence and the promotion of handwoven textiles".  I can't wait for the weekend to start.

A couple of views of fingerless gloves.  The pattern was in a recent Vogue Knitting magazine and I've used a yarn of 50% wool 50% cashmere.  Just gorgeous!  I've borrowed a friend's slim arms to model them.


  1. Hi - These gloves are fabulous, my daughter would love them. Which magazine issue are they in

  2. Hi Anj, Its taken a while to find the pattern. The Vogue Knitting magazine is now called "Designer Knitting" and the glove pattern is in Holiday 2009, picture on page 73, pattern number 25 on page 108-109.