Sunday, March 28, 2010

Old Socks!

Why am I showing a picture of leash sticks and my husband's holey socks on my kitchen floor?

Some time ago I read an article asking for submissions of unusual uses of weaving equipment in a non-weaving way but then couldn't find it again.  Turns out it was Weaving Weekly who asked and its been published in the latest issue of Handwoven.

My use is to attach an old (clean) sock to a leash stick with a rubber band and clean out the dust bunnies from under the stove, dish washer and fridge.  If the sock is wet it gives it a scrub as well.  My stove is dual gas elements and electric oven and the gas comes through a copper pipe.  Constant movement of the stove would weaken the pipe, hence my invention. 


  1. Hello Dianne, I do admire your lateral thinking, although I'm too precious about my loom equipment to use it for this purpose. An old sock, and something wooden appropriated from the garage will have to do in my case. Happy weaving.

  2. What's this? A weaver who takes housework to extremes! I worry about you Dianne.

  3. I didn't say how often I clean or what I found!!

  4. Found this while looking for sock reuse ideas for my recycling site. What a hoot! And what a great idea. Now I can get rid of the dust bunnies under the fridge and maybe rescue my grandson's little cars that seem to end up there.