Thursday, June 2, 2011

Black lace, elephants and pounamu

We've been to Auckland again, this time for our daughter in laws birthday.  It's so wonderful to catch up with family and friends but I do believe the traffic gets faster and faster (except one 100 metre section of road where everyone knows there is a speed camera so they all slow down to 50kph then bury the foot the minute they're over the brow of the hill).  Us out of towners get confused, lost, flumoxed not knowing which lane we should be in or which motorway exit to take.  The final indignity as we were heading home was being over taken by a school bus on the motorway.

Because we were away I thought I had missed the deadline for the "Arty Bra" show this year but the local paper told me we had an extra week until Friday 3 June so I got to work with three days to do it in.  Creation so far:
 Hmmm.  The story is that for d-i-l's baby shower last year we had to dress in something beginning with 'b'.  So I wore these girls under my jacket and every now and then I 'flashed'.  As can be seen I still have some stitching to do this evening.  Thank goodness we don't have to model as they get firemen, surf life savers and any other guy whose willing.  The charity being supported this year is Plunket so we look forward to a fun night out.  (I wanted to call it "How clean is your house" but I'm going to the show with the presenter of the NZ tv show so better think of another title.)

Speaking of babies this is for Jack, aged 5 months.  This is version two as the first at 6-12 months was too small so this is 1-2 years.  He's a solid little chap, interested in all that's going on.  I thought the elephants appropriate as d-i-l used to help out at the zoo on a voluntary basis on her days off.
 And to prove I haven't been slacking off altogether I've been winding and dyeing warps for blankets.  This was taken with a flash so the colours aren't true but I left it too late in the day for natural light.  Reminds me a bit of pounamu, our greenstone.

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