Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting it off my chest

Ooops, two weeks since the last post.

We've had Queen's birthday weekend on 4, 5, 6 June.  A friend came to stay which meant taking all the studio overflow out of the guest room.  Luckily I could put it straight in the car for the Waihi Beach market on Sunday 6th.  First confession - not good sales.  In fact, none, zilch.  I swapped a hat for some smoked salt with the lady next to me.  I think I'll have to wipe that market off my list of places to sell.

The following weekend was the night of Arty Bra.  The show started with the compare singing and four guys on stage wearing bras from last year including my one.  Really enjoyed the show; some creations were brilliant some boring.  The Plunket ladies had done a magnificent job of making outfits for each bra.  They had made a white cap and apron to go with mine and the guy wore Jockey boxers and black fishnet stockings under the pinny.  Lots of goodies had been donated to be auctioned so three and a half hours later about ten bras went up for auction.  Confession two.  Mine was the last and the compare totally knocked the wind out of my sails by describing it as tacky and he didn't like it.  To set the scene this guy, slightly weightier than last year and sweating, was dressed in a bo-peep frock, long curly blond wig, ankle busters of platform shoes and blingy jewelry visible from space.  Do I sound tetchy?  I was.  This was an evening of entertainment.  I'm sorry, I don't find one cup covered in buttons, the other in bows or cups covered in felted white alpaca with little brown feathers around the edge cut it.  Will I enter again next year - probably to support Plunket.  Do I still like Rob - he is entertaining.

As an aside Rob used to own a fashion shop in a local town.  While he owned it I phoned and explained what I wove and made an appointment to see him.  What a fiasco.  He was late with a previous appointment, someone else called off the street and was told to wait till I was finished.  I had to open my case on the floor.  He'd jump over it to answer the phone.  He jumped over it to go collect something downstairs.  Everything was too highly priced.  Why don't I learn to save my dignity, zip the case and just walk out?

Early this week I had a day in Hamilton at a weaving meeting which I really enjoyed but can't think of any gems I learnt.  Maybe just keep my mouth shut.  Lunched with a friend and discussed the possibility of an exhibition together next year then I did some shopping - belt for a tunic, shoes that just begged to go home with me.

Now back to work.  I have nine scarves and two blankets to tag and get to the post (a 40 K round trip).

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