Thursday, January 17, 2013

Envelop from Poland

Late last year Meg organised Weaver 2 Weaver whereby she connected us with a partner somewhere in the world to whom we sent an envelop of inspiration.  A couple of days ago I received these goodies from Alicje from Poland who is a fairly new weaver, the sample under the Monet postcard is from one of her first weavings done in Autumn 2011.  Its beautifully done with perfect selvedge. 
Included are two swatches of handspun yarn from Polish breeds; mountain sheep (white) and heath sheep (black).  As Alicje says they are very harsh and I wonder what they would be used for.

I was fascinated by the colours of natural dyed yarns; yellow from tansy, green from goldenrod, orange from madder and light violet from elderberry.  A beautiful variety of shades.

The photo of the Benedictine Monastery in Germany couldn't be more inspiring with its lines, repeating arches and shapes.  Thank you Alicje and if you read this could you leave a comment as unfortunately I can't read your email address.

 My partner to send an envelop was Janet Stollnitz.  The pictures were put together before I had seen Janet's work and it turns out to be quite on the mark.  She loves ikat and bright colours.  The words in red say:  Strong tones speak of design confidence - and even more so when they come in chunky weaves or multicolours.  Funny what you find in magazines.

The second page is a colour cutting from a magazine which inspired the dye work of the 74/2 NZ merino thread.

I also included a colour brochure from Pauanesia.  Go to the bottom of Pauanesia's page and click on Brochure.

Janet mentioned the lack of my work in the brochure and this is one of the first in the last ten years that my blankets haven't been featured, mainly because I was so busy with other projects during the year that stocks had become quite low.

Thank you for organising this Meg and to my partners for their inspiration and comments.


  1. Hello Dianne. I'm happy to know that you enjoyed my letter :) Here's my e-mail: tkackiehistorie[at]gmail[dot]com


  2. I love the flowers on Alicja's card and envelope, too. I could think of taking small portions from them and turning into drafts.

  3. They remind me of Jacobean embroidery and the rich colours hmmmm lovely.