Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What's on the looms January 1, 2013

 Above warp chains, all 27 of them, ready to be tied on.  All sorts of yarns, possom merino, ringspun mohair, loop mohair, wool, textured wools.  Every bit left over from projects and yes, I frogged some knitted things that were never going to be used for what I started.  It will be woven double layer for a blanket to be gifted so I had to ascertain the centre threads as I was starting on the fold side.
 All tied on and ready to wind on the back beam.  Well, a bit of pulling got them all sorted and straight.
 Ready to start weaving, top the dark layer and bottom the light layer.  Photo taken about 9 pm so light awful but I had to get it posted before midnight.
 And just to really get you going, this is what the back of the loom looks like.  Do you recognise the warps from the four sets of blankets I've woven in the last 6 weeks?
 Below is the snowflake twill on the compu dobby.  This was not the best project to thread the loom with as the beating is not being kind to my shoulder.  Can only do little bits each day.  I am enjoying the pattern though.
 Now take a big breath, under all that ... stuff ... there is an 8 shaft table loom.  Why that lace draw down ended up on top of the pile I don't know but it does look interesting.
Phew made the posting before midnight.


  1. Plenty of time, Dianne. And I hope you have a lovely, colorful 2013.

  2. I'd love to see all those blankets! I don't do much doubleweave so am quite impressed with what others produce with it.

  3. I love the colours in your warp chains! This should weave into a beautiful blanket.

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