Thursday, May 30, 2013

Anne Field

Early this morning the fibre world lost a giant.  Anne, spinner, weaver, author, was an explorer and experimenter of fibre and shared it with all of us.

I started writing this yesterday but was too sad to find the words.  Anne has been described in recent days as courageous, inspirational, caring and sharing, unbelievable strength and elegance.

She went through a lot in recent years while fighting this illness.  During the Christchurch earthquakes she lost her entire studio, looms, yarn, books, teaching archives.  At the time I remember standing in my studio and thinking what if I lost all this.  Two new looms and a new start in a room of her home which was also earthquake damaged.  During this last summer Anne had to move out of her home while repairs were done.  She spent the time, while visiting with family, spinning yarn which, on returning to repaired home, she wove into yardage to enter into a new category of the Creative Fibre Annual Exhibition; 5 metres of yardage.  The winning yardage to be made into a garment designed by a leading New Zealand designer.  You can see pictures of Anne's fabric here.  I think this is amazing.

I heard this morning that Anne taught three classes about ten days ago before going to respite care.  A strong lady indeed. 

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