Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some weaving, some spinning

Just taking a break from winding a blanket warp.  I was silly enough to dye the yarn in its hanks, one colour per hank, but now I'm having to wind each warp chain as one thread 5.5m long, 70 threads per colour.  Won't do that again.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny so I was out on the deck winding a pile of fluffy mohair ready for the dye pot.  Today its cold and overcast with a storm predicted tonight.

The latest stack of blankets in Pauanesia shop already.  I say this because I'm astounded at the speed of the local post for a change.

This bag of loveliness  has become a skein of 100 gms of more lushiousness.  At the time I couldn't resist the colours not realising there was a lot of white and black in back of the green and mauve.  A cowl perhaps.
 Another skein off the wheel.  It was spun quite some time ago but I couldn't decide on plying or navahjo plying.  Navahjo won.
 Thanks for the break; now back to the warping reel.

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