Sunday, January 5, 2014

Change of colour

The latest set of blankets for Pauanesia, Kowhia.  
 I didn't have time to participate this year but for quite a few years now Meg has instigated a play of "What's on the looms" on New Years Day.  As I was expecting visitors on Jan 2 I was too busy cleaning and putting things away out of the reach of a 3 year old and 7 month old who just learnt to crawl.  I new my home was in a state but even I didn't know how bad; and guess where it all ended up.  Three looms, 4 knitting machines (including colour changers, knit leaders, intarsia carriages etc), warping reel, dummy, spinning wheel, vacuum cleaner, heater, ironing board (and the ironing), product for sale in suitcases, display props, stash and library.  
My first job this year is to find homes for some things, take others (2 knitting machines in particular) to the scrap metal merchant.  Just get rid of it! 

The only loom warped was the 8 shaft Nitschke with a third version of table mats.  I am enjoying the simplicity of these summer and winter diamonds.  We had Christmas dinner on version one.

Red version 2 were welcomed by recipient and look great on her black table.

For version 3, lime, I've rethreaded the outside warps to eliminate the triangles and make them all diamonds.  Having started weaving and had time to study them I would like a bar on each outside selvedge but adding more warp threads would make them too wide.  If I make a 4th version I might fiddle with the selvedges.


  1. I can relate to your junked up studio. I had to clear out all the dumped stuff before I did anything today

  2. Love the triangles, especially the green and white version.